If we had any real illustrator of Mexican life that would be Jose Guadalupe Posada, who with his wit creates traditional "skulls".
Fertile and imaginative, Posada began to characterize the bony woman in mockery of the high society of those times. Proof of this are the hundreds of prints in which the artist revived restless "bony" to dress gala and transport to the neighborhood parties to city streets, the mansions of the rich.
The Magic penchant for "skulls" would place years later in a prominent place in the art of Mexico. Unfortunately this recognition was uneven at so modest and humble life he led in their working years.
Comes the great artist
Aguilar Jose Guadalupe Posada was born on February 2, 1852 (some biographers place it in 1851), in the popular district of San Marcos, Aguascalientes.
Diego Rivera, which at 11 years of age met in 1930 Posada-express Jose Guadalupe was as great as Goya or Callot: "It was an inexhaustible wealth creator, producing as a source of boiling water. Posada was so great that perhaps one day forget his name. It is so integrated into the popular soul of Mexico, maybe it becomes entirely abstract; but today his work and his life beyond, none of them know it, the veins of the young artists of Mexico. Posada, the death skull turned that fight, get drunk, crying and dancing. Family death, death that becomes articulated cardboard figure and moves by pulling a cord. Death as a sugar skull, the parrandera death, death is, in any case, an excellent theme to produce masses of contrasting black and white. All are skulls, from cats and garbanceras until Porfirio and Zapata, through all the ranchers, artisans and dandies, not forgetting the workers, peasants and even the Spaniards ".